Wool Roving Natural 100gms

Our hand dyed Wool Roving is available in 100gms skeins and is ideal for couching in embroidery, needle felting, embellishing, using in the knitweave process, hair extensions and all textile art

Product information

Wool Roving 5 metres
Our lovely Wool Roving is a very thick untwisted yarn and is ideal felted for needle felt, couched in embroidery, on the embellishing machine, used in the knitweave process to give extra warmth and for hair extensions.  Sleins are available in the following -
Lengths of 1 metre (95p), 5 metres (£4.25), 100gms (£8.95)
Mixed Themed Bags 10 x 1 metre (£6.95), 10 x 1.3 metre (£8.95) 
Plain colourways or undyed

Weight 0.1kg