Mohair Loop

Pure luxury mohairs hand dyed for us by Judith Gussin are available in over 70 variegated colourways from our Wool range.  Also undyed.   Apart from being exciting knitting yarns the Mohair Loop is ideal couched in embroidery to give extra texture and for other textile art.  There are approximated 52 metres in a 20gms skein.  Skeins can be ordered in the following quantities -
Skeins of 20gms (£4.95)
Bags of 10 x 2 metres in mixed shades from our themed colourways (£5.95) 
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  • Hand Dyed Mohair Loop Bags

    Hand Dyed Mohair Loop Bags

    Our hand dyed Mohair Loop Bags include 10 x 2 metre lengths and are available in themed colourways from our Wool range and are ideal for couching or stitching in embroidery and all textile art