Knitting Patterns

Our knitting patterns, designed originally using our Wools, Silks and Cottons, mostly by Maggie Whiting are for hand knitting.  There are patterns in DK Wool, 4 ply Botany Wool, 4 ply Merino/Lambswool, Silks and Stranded Cotton.  Designs include Jumpers, Jackets, Waistcoats, Shawls, many in our ever popular Clamshell design.  At present there are only patterns available for you to knit with your own wools as, unfortunately, we are no longer able to make up kits.
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  • Octagon Patchwork Jacket

    Octagon Patchwork Jacket

    Hand knitted eye-catching Patchwork jacket with three quarter length sleeves in DK wool made up of octagons, squares and triangle shapes
  • Short Sleeved Patchwork Top

    Short Sleeved Patchwork Top

    Short sleeved Patchwork Top hand knitted in 4 ply wool and the pattern also includes instructions for variations of this attractive top
  • Sideways Knitted Jacket

    Sideways Knitted Jacket

    Our Sideways Knitted Jacket is hand knitted in 7 shades of DK Wool and Brused Mohair and variations for a sweater and tunic are also included
  • Open Textured Jacket

    Open Textured Jacket

    Our luxurious Open Textured Long Jacket is hand knitted in a variety of wools and silks in different textures and thicknesses. It is quick to knit
  • Clamshell Shawl

    Clamshell Shawl

    Hand knitted stunning Clamshell Shawl in three colourways of 4 ply Wool. This design can also be knitted in random colours throughout or in one or two colours
  • Clamshell Cardigan

    Clamshell Cardigan

    Our popular Clamshell Cardigan is hand knitted in five contrasting shades of 4 ply Shetland Wool. This design can also be knitted in one colour and adjustments can be made for smaller or larger sizes
  • Clamshell Waistcoat

    Clamshell Waistcoat

    Hand knitted stunning Clamshell Waistcoat in five colourways of 4 ply Botany Wool. The pattern includes Individual sizing adjustments and pattern variations