Knitting Patterns

Our exclusive knitting patterns designed for us by Maggie Whiting feature jackets, jumpers, waistcoats and our ever popular clamshell shawl
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  • Octagon Patchwork Jacket

    Octagon Patchwork Jacket

    Hand knitted Patchwork jacket with three quarter length sleeves in DK wool made up of octagons, squares and triangle shapes
  • Open Textured Jacket

    Open Textured Jacket

    Our luxurious Open Textured Long Jacket is hand knitted in a variety of wools and silks in different textures and thicknesses
  • Clamshell Shawl

    Clamshell Shawl

    Hand knitted stunning Clamshell Shawl in three colourways of 4 ply Wool
  • Clamshell Cardigan

    Clamshell Cardigan

    Our Clamshell Cardigan is hand knitted in five contrasting shades of 4 ply Shetland Wool
  • Clamshell Waistcoat

    Clamshell Waistcoat

    Hand knitted stunning Clamshell Waistcoat in five colourways of 4 ply Botany Wool