Hand Dyed Theme Packs

Our hand dyed Theme Packs are available in our variegated themed colourways from our Silk, Cotton & Wool ranges and include an ideas leaflet. Ideal for all textile art

Product information

Our Theme Packs contain hand dyed Fabrics and Threads in a carefully selected colour themes from our colour ranges so that they can work together for a specific project.   The packs include Fine Calico, Scrim, Velvet, Felt, Silk Organza and Habutai as well as wonderful selection of Threads including Wool Roving, Textured Wools, Cottons and Silks.  Contents of each pack may vary slightly depending on the availability of the fabrics and threads.   We also include an Ideas Leaflet.  
Packs in our themed colourways from (£14.95)

Colour Themed Choices

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