Cotton Scrim Strips


Product information

Our Cotton Scrim,hand dyed for us by Judith Gussin,  is a loosely woven cotton fabric which is ideal for adding texture in embroidery and quilting, on the embellishing machine or for striking scarves.  It is available in a selection of variegated colourways from our cotton range.  Our Scrim Strips are 1 metre in length are available in bags of themed colourways.  The Scrim is also available in the following -
Pieces of 45 x 50 cms (£2.95), 45 x 110 cms (£5.50), by the metre (£11.50)
Rolls of 8 pieces (£5.95) and 15 pieces (£16.50)
Scrim Strips x 10 (£8.95)