Bags of Silk Carrier Rods 40gms

Bags of  40gms of our hand dyed Silk Carrier Rods in mixed sizes, shapes and colours from our Silk range.  Ideal for felting, paper-making, embroidery, embellishing and for other textile art

Product information

Our Silk Carrier Rods, hand dyed for us by Judith Gussin, have a beautiful sheen and can be used for textured embroidery, on the embellishing machine, for making paper fibre and for other textile projects.  Available in bags of 40 gms in mixed sizes, shapes and colours (£12.95)

Packs of 5 Carrier Rods (2.95), 10 Carrier Rods (£5.95), Mixed Bags (£12.95)

Weight 0.04kg