Bag Designs

Our exclusive designs are based around our hand dyed threads and fabrics from our variegated Silk, Wool and Cotton ranges.  Many by Judith Gussin feature a pretty and interesting selection of Bags, Purses, Embroideries and a range of Fantasy Trees.  We have patterns for a variety of these designs which can be ordered separately (£4.00)
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  • Autumn Leaves Bag

    Autumn Leaves Bag

    The pack for our pretty Autumn Leaves Bag includes a variety of hand dyed Silk, Cotton and Felt Fabrics and a wonderful selection of textured Threads from our variegated colour ranges
  • Bluebell Bag Pack

    Bluebell Bag Pack

    Our Bluebell Bag is designed to be made on an embellishing machine or for hand stitching includes a Pattern and a wide variety of hand dyed variegated Fabrics & Threads
  • Carnival Bag

    Carnival Bag

    Our colourful Carnival Bag is made from strips of space dyed Felt with a fine fringed edging and decorated with Silk Threads, Beads & Sequins
  • Felt Bushkiri Bag

    Felt Bushkiri Bag

    The Pack for our pretty Felt Bushkiri Bag contains space dyed Felts, variegated Stranded 4 ply Cotton from our Cotton range and a Pattern
  • Felt Mosaic Bag

    Felt Mosaic Bag

    The pack for our Felt Mosaic Bag includes a Pattern, space dyed Felts and the yarn for the multi coloured cord from our wool range
  • Fiesta Flowers Bag

    Fiesta Flowers Bag

    The pack for our Fiesta Flowers Bag includes a Pattern and a variety of hand dyed Fabrics and a wonderful variety of variegated textured Threads