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Our Mixed Bags are available in the following 'Reflections' colourways:-

SPECTRUM -  includes Mauve, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Greens and Blues

AUTUMN -  shades of Browns, Yellows, Oranges, deep Red and Green

SUMMER GARDEN -  Greens, Pinks, Mauves, Blues or Yellows

WINTER - a selection of neutral Winter Colours

PASTELS - a selection of pale colours

OCEAN - a selection of Blues and Greens and Sea Colours

BLUES/MAUVES - a selection of Blues and Mauves into Purples

BERRIES - predominantly Reds, Oranges, Mauves and Purples

FIRE - includes Reds, Oranges and Yellows

JEWELS - includes a  selection of jewel-like colourways

ICE - a selection of Blacks, White, Greys,  and cool Blues

REDS/PINKS - a selection of Reds and Pinks

GREENS/YELLOWS/BROWNS - a selection of Greens, Yellows and Browns

GREENS/YELLOWS - a selection of Greens and Yellows

RANDOM SELECTION - includes a variety of our 'Reflections' colourways