• Fine Silk 10gms

    Fine Silk 10gms

    Our hand dyed Fine Silk is available in over 70 variegated colourways and is ideal for embroidery, quilting, lace making, knitting, weaving, tatting, tassels, braids and all textile art
  • Wool Roving 5metres

    Wool Roving 5metres

    Our hand dyed Wool Roving is available in 5 metre lengths in over 70 variegated colourways from our Wool range and is ideal for couching in embroidery, needle felting, embellishing, using in the knitweave process, hair extensions and all textile art
  • Mixed Texture Bags

    Mixed Texture Bags

    Our Mixed Bags include 9 variegated hand dyed threads including Silks, Mohairs, Roving & Boucles all of approximately 2 metre lengths are ideal for embroidery, embellishing and all textile art
  • Cotton Scrim 45x50cms

    Cotton Scrim 45x50cms

    Our hand dyed Cotton Scrim is available in over 70 variegated colourways and is ideal for adding texture in embroidery and quilting, on the embellishing machine or for striking scarves
  • Fiesta Fantasy Tree

    Fiesta Fantasy Tree

    Our Fiesta Fantasy Tree is a small embroidery featuring our hand dyed Felts, Silks, Beads, Sequins & Pattern

Welcome to 21st Century Yarns

We are a small boutique company specialising in hand-dyed luxury natural fibres which we have been supplying around the world for over 30 years. All our beautiful Silks, Cottons & Wools are available in a stunning array of over 70 variegated colourways in different thicknesses and textures suitable for embroidery, quilting, felting, lace making, knitting, crochet, weaving, canvas work and other textile art. We locally source all our yarns and dyes to the highest quality and work with highly skilled and experienced textile artists to offer you a range of inspiring products and designs. We offer a personal service to all textile enthusiasts to give inspiration to our global community of stitchchers and textile artists and hope that you will find something special amongst our exciting ranges.